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You’re a true unsung hero.

As a local business owner, you create jobs and enrich your customers’ way of life.

You work hard and brave great risks.

Get the appreciation you deserve!

Your customers want to sing your praises.

Let them.

Just show them how, and they’ll gladly write lots of 5-star reviews for your business.

You’ll also get priceless customer feedback to keep improving your business.

Our system makes it easy, fast, effective, and highly rewarding.

Simplify Getting Reviews

Save yourself time and effort while still reaching out to every recent customer for a review

Save time & effort

Sit back and take a break while the system automatically reaches out to your customers to get reviews, follows up with those who don’t respond, gathers feedback, and manages opt-outs so you don’t have to

Reach every customer effortlessly

Send hundreds of review requests in just a few minutes by importing recent customer contact info from your CRM, POS or other customer system

Get More Reviews

Win new customers by showing lots of positive reviews from lots of happy customers

Send messages your customers want to receive

Get more reviews by sending review requests to where customers actually check for messages, whether it’s email, SMS text messages, or both

Make it easy for customers

Convert more happy customers into online reviews by sending them directly to the “Write a Review” page on Google, Facebook and other review websites of your choice instead of your general profile page

Follow up with customers

Double your reviews with automatic follow-up emails and SMS texts to customers who haven’t responded after a few days or weeks

Give busy customers a reminder

Remind busy customers to write a review later when they’re less busy by sending them a “thank you” email or text message with a link to your review page

Get reviews from website visitors

Collect reviews and feedback from any customer by embedding the rating system on your website

Get on-site reviews

Let customers review you before they even leave your business, using your tablet or computer as a “kiosk”

Get Higher Star Ratings

Win more customers when they see your 5-star rating on popular review sites like Google or Facebook

Predict review ratings before asking

Know ahead of time what rating a customer will give, by first getting a private rating on the review site’s same rating scale, whether it’s 5 stars, 10 stars, or thumbs up/down

Make more customers happy

Get a second chance to turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer (and a bad review into a great review) by getting private feedback before asking for a public review

Ask only happy customers for public reviews

Ask unhappy customers for private feedback instead of a public review, so you can learn how to make more customers happy in the future

Get Customer Feedback

Find ways to improve your business by getting valuable feedback from your customers while you’re still fresh in their minds

Get more feedback

Make it so easy for customers to give feedback in a simple 1-question form that even your busiest customers take a few seconds to offer their thoughts

Choose who you ask for feedback

Get feedback and improvement ideas from every customer, none of your customers, or only from unhappy customers while happy customers get asked for a public review immediately

Cover Every Important Review Site

Get customer reviews on every online review site that’s important to your business, from the “big 2” (Google and Facebook) to the most specialized niche review sites

Strengthen every important review site

Build up your customer reviews on as many different review sites as you like

Cover even the most niche review sites

Send your customers to absolutely any online review site simply by entering the URL to your review page anywhere on the internet

Improve a review site faster

Strengthen your most important review site, or the review site that needs the most help, by sending all your customers to that single, targeted site

Keep all your review sites fresh

Keep your reviews fresh on a variety of different review sites by sending your customers to various review sites instead of just one targeted site

Stay Compliant

Adjust review settings to comply safely with spam regulations and review site policies

Comply with anti-spam regulations

Stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act and similar international laws governing spam

Handle opt-outs effortlessly

Avoid sending emails or SMS text messages to customers who opted out, and let the system manage opt-outs automatically for you to save you the time, effort, and headache

Comply with review gating policies

Manage review settings to comply with policies on review sites like Google and Facebook that don’t allow “review gating”

Scale Bigger

Empower your employees to extend your review marketing efforts to all your business locations

Get reviews for multiple business locations

Expand your review marketing to cover all your business locations, while customizing your approach for each location

Delegate easily to employees

Let employees log in to enter customer contact info and send review requests, without giving them administrative access to change your settings

Brand your employee portal

Have your employees use the Rising Star Reviews system from your own website by embedding the system on any web page

See Results

Find out how your customers respond to your internal review requests, and find opportunities to improve your review marketing results

See how customers respond

Learn what happens after you send each review request to a customer, including the rating they gave and whether they opted out

Increase conversion rates

Get more online reviews with fewer review requests by using conversion rate metrics that help you optimize your review marketing for maximum results

Respond to new reviews

Receive email notifications whenever your review count increases and respond to new reviews in a timely manor

Get Support

Join our family of member businesses and never go it alone again

Get world-class support

Get fast, responsive email support and expert advice from a US-based digital marketer with years of experience who wants to be your trusted advisor and a partner in your success

Learn best practices just by using the product

Learn how to improve your results simply by using Rising Star Reviews, which includes “best practice” tips right in the settings

Save Money

Stick to your budget with the lowest-cost, highest-value solution to review marketing available anywhere

Get the best pricing anywhere

Use the only review marketing product designed and built from the ground up to be affordable even on the smallest of small business budgets (and yes, we plan to keep it that way forever)

Earn a FREE account with referrals

Get a 100% free account when you refer 5 members at a referral discount of 20% each (Discount applies on a per-location basis)


It’s as easy as 1-2.

1. You enter your customer’s name and email or SMS phone number and click “Send”

2. That’s it. You’re done. The app takes care of the rest.

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