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Delight your patients, understand their oral health goals, and consistently exceed their expectations with our dentistry-tailored solution.
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Get insights, Boost Satisfaction

Manage your client’s happiness and delight

Get a complete understanding of your customers’ needs with our review and feedback management platform.

Gather valuable insights through customer surveys and online reviews

Stay up-to-date with real-time notifications on what clients are saying

Stand out online

Put your salon on the map!

Ensure that your hair salon is discovered and chosen by potential customers with our business listing management platform.

Keep Your Salon's Online Presence Consistent and Up-to-Date!

Monitor and respond to online reviews, ratings, and comments

Get your salon in front of interested customers


One inbox for all communication

Manage all your customer communications in one place with our convenient global inbox feature.

Stay organized with inquiries, bookings, and messages all in one place

Respond promptly to customer inquiries and concerns.

Accept payments securely and efficiently

Streamline appointments and payments

Simplify payment processes and offer seamless transactions for your clients.

Allow clients to book appointments online and on-the-go

Accept payments securely and efficiently through their preferred channels.

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