Use this free Google review link generator to generate a Google review link your customers will click to write a Google review for your business.

  • Direct – Your Google review link will go directly to where your customers can write a review
  • Reliable – Your link will work the same for all users (Google supports only 1 standard reliably)
  • Short URL – Your Google review link will be short and simple

Pro Tip: Pre-screen customers so you only give your Google review link to customers who will give you a high star rating. Learn more in the Ultimate Guide’s Chapter 4 on the surprisingly simple key to success with Google reviews.

Why use this Google review link generator?

#1) You’ll get more customer reviews. The Google review link generator creates a direct link to where your customer can immediately click a star rating and write a review on Google. Many other links only take the customer to where your business is listed in Google search results or Google Maps, leaving customers to guess what they need to do next to write a review. Many customers simply give up and don’t write a review. By giving customers an easy way to instantly go to where they can write a review, you significantly increase the percentage of customers who will actually give you a review.

#2) Your customers will have a better experience. There are many URL formats you can use, but only one of those formats is supported reliably by Google. If you choose the wrong format, your link may work well for some customers, but not well for others. You won’t even know that some of your customers are having a frustrating, confusing experience, because the link may work just fine for you when you test it. The Google review link generator on this page makes sure you use the one truly reliable URL format, so all of your customers get a reliably positive experience when clicking the link.

Prefer to generate your Google review link manually?

If you prefer to generate your own direct Google review link manually instead of using the Google review link generator above, check out this article on how to get a Google review link. This article explains in detail how to generate the Google review link the right way, avoiding the pitfalls that arise from generating a Google review link the wrong way.

How can I get more positive reviews on Google?

The key to getting lots of positive reviews on Google is quite simple.

First, make sure you have a way to pre-screen customers before asking for a review. This means sending a private communication asking the customer how they would rate your business…then sharing the link created by the Google review link generator with the customer only if the customer has indicated they’re happy and would give you a high star rating. Ask all other customers for private feedback only and don’t share the link generated by the Google review link generator.

Next, with pre-screening in place, ask every customer to rate your business privately. Pre-screening takes the fear out of asking for reviews so you can ask every single customer to rate your business as a standard policy.

When you ask every customer just after you’ve concluded business with them, two things happen:

#1) You get more reviews from your happy customers, because you ask them while their positive emotions are still running high, instead of asking them in bulk a month or more later.

#2) Your reviews stay fresh since you get a steady flow of positive reviews on an ongoing basis. Nearly 1 in 5 consumers say they don’t consider a review relevant if it wasn’t written in the last 2 weeks. So make sure you always have a few recent reviews by asking for reviews on a daily or weekly basis.

The Rising Star Reviews tool gives you the easiest way to pre-screen every customer on a daily or weekly basis…without spending a lot of time, effort, or money. Try the free trial to see for yourself.

How can I learn more about getting the most out of Google reviews?

Check out our free ultimate guide to Google reviews. It’s the most comprehensive and in-depth guide available anywhere. And if you ever need help, feel free to contact us. The team at Rising Star Reviews is always happy to help businesses master their customer reviews.

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