Free Email Alerts When Your Customers Write New Reviews

Get a free email alert whenever you get new customer reviews on Google, Yelp or Facebook.

Each day, Rising Star Reviews scans your customer review profiles to detect changes. Our system sends you an email if new reviews have been left. If no changes are found, we don’t bother you.

Why Reviews Are So Important

Customer reviews drive the success of ALL your other marketing efforts—both online and offline.

Lots of positive reviews make all your marketing efforts more effective and less expensive. Ad costs per customer are lower. SEO is more effective. Conversion rates on all marketing—both online and offline—are higher.

But if you have few reviews or low star ratings, your marketing efforts cost more per each new customer they acquire. Meanwhile, customers flock to competitors with better reviews.

Don’t believe this? Consider that today, 93% of consumers read local reviews to decide if a business is good or not, with 35% saying they ALWAYS read reviews to make that decision.

For most local businesses, the most important review sites that drive consumer behavior are Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Why Review Monitoring Is So Important

Every new review gives you a short window of opportunity to reply in a way that promotes customer loyalty and makes more people want to be your customer.

When a customer writes a positive review recommending your business, that’s a great opportunity for you to reward their loyalty by replying to their review to thank them. Countless other people will see your reply as evidence that you treat your customers well, and they’ll want to be your customer, too.

When a customer writes a negative review complaining about your business, you still have a short window of opportunity to address that customer’s complaints, make them happy, and get them to change their review from a complaint to a compliment, preserving your high average star rating.

Why Free? What’s the Catch?

Review monitoring is free forever with no strings attached.

Why do we do offer review monitoring for free? Simple. We hope you’ll think of us if you ever decide you want a higher star rating or more positive reviews from your happy customers…because that’s our bread and butter! In the meantime, we’re happy to stay on your radar by giving you this free service.

Valuable Alerts Only! (No Spam, No Ads)

Our goal is to earn your trust, not destroy it with spam, advertisements and shady marketing promotions.

When you sign up for free review monitoring alerts, you will get valuable information to help your business, such as notification of new customer reviews, your total review count, your current star rating, and benchmarks that help you know if your review profiles are helping or hurting your sales.

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