Exceed expecations | Customer survey

Let your customers tell you what to improve.

Automate asking your customers for feedback using a low friction, custom surveys that get replies to help enhance your experience.

Actionable and simple

Turn customer feedback into actionable decisions.

Understand the quality experience you’re delivering to your customers from their point of view and discover what opportunities you can capitalize on.

Get fast feedback on the go, and at scale.

Get feedback wherever your customers feels the best.

Deliver a custom, low friction experience.

Use custom triggers to ask for feedback at the right time.

Simple questions that gets you answers.

Surveys that gets answers, not ignored.

Send your surveys when your customer has the highest chance of replying to them.

Make sense of the data
Get the full picture of what they are saying.

Instead of relying on going through them one by one, get the full picture in a matter of minutes.

Survey to reviews
Let them share their positive experience.

Once you ask them to fill a survey, get your happiest customer to give you a review.

key features

Making asking for a feedback a breeze.

Send text based surveys.

Make it easy to get a feedback using text based surveys.

Set automatic triggers.

Set when your surveys are sent out to maximize your response rate.

Insights dashboard.

Get full visualization of your feedback to understand the full picture in a matter of few glimpses.

Send surveys that get answered today!

let’s get started!

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