180 Business Review Sites (And the Few You Must Master)

Find the business review sites most important to your industry. Learn how to get 5-star reviews on the top sites and claim your listing on all the rest. 

We recommend local businesses take 2 approaches to get the most out of business review sites:

Approach #1) Cast a wide net when claiming listings. Claim your listing on as many relevant business review sites as possible to help your visibility and local SEO.

Approach #2) Focus narrowly when getting reviews. Ask customers for reviews on only the most important business review sites that truly can impact your sales.

This article helps you do both.

First you get a list of all the relevant business review sites you should claim your listing on.

Then you see a priority ranking of all business review sites from most important (#1) to least. This lets you know which sites are important enough to spend your time and effort getting customers to write reviews on them.

The business review sites are ranked based on 2 factors:

Factor #1) Amount of traffic – How many visitors visit the site, based on the site’s Alexa ranking

Factor #2) Quality of traffic – How likely the site’s visitors are to be making buying decisions when they visit the site, based on our digital marketing experience

We also reveal how you can get more 5-star reviews on your top-priority business review sites once you’ve identified which sites are most likely to drive sales for your local business.

First we’ll cover these topics with actionable recommendations on how to drive sales from business review sites:

Then we’ll give you lists of 180 business review sites organized by these industries:

Why (and how) to claim your business listings

Who cares if there are hundreds of business review sites out there!?

You rarely get a new customer from most of those hundreds of review sites. Most of your new customers find you through the big sites like Google and Yelp. So why care?

In a word… “local SEO.” (Ok, that was 2 words.)

Google is already a powerhouse for sending new customers to local businesses. And it continues to grow, stripping other review sites of their market share.

When your business shows up at the top of search results, you win a lot more customers than when it shows up just a few positions further down. That’s because people tend to click the earlier search result links far more often than the links farther down the page.

So the name of the game is to show up at the top of search results whenever people search for your type of business in your local area.

One way to do this is to claim as many listings as you can on as many relevant review sites as you can.

Here’s how to help your local SEO by claiming your profile on all relevant sites:

Step 1) Claim profiles on general sites

First, go to all the sites listed in the section on “General business review sites for any industry” and claim your profile on each one.

Step 2) Claim profiles on industry-specific sites

Next, find all the business review sites that are relevant to your specific industry in the sections below, and claim your profile on each one that covers your specific type of business.

How to claim your profile

For more details and best practices on exactly how to claim your profile on business review sites, check out the excellent article on Moz about “Claiming Local Listings.

What to do next

So now you know how to find every review site under the sun where you should claim your listing.

But you’re busy. You don’t have time to do more than just “claim a listing” on any more than just a few sites.

So how do you know which sites are worth doing more on? And what specifically can you do to put those sites to work generating new customers for your business?

Let’s cover that next….

How to know which business review sites are most important for your local business

Only a select few review sites send the majority of customers to local businesses in your area. All the other sites send a tiny trickle of customers, if any at all.

So how can you know which sites drive the most business?

And how can you invest just a little bit of time to make sure customers find you instead of your local competitors?

First we recommend you consider the “big 3” general review sites that often drive a lot of customers to a wide range of different types of businesses: Google, Yelp and Facebook.

Then we recommend you look for any other sites you think might be especially relevant to your particular business in the “General business review sites for any industry” section below.

Finally, pick the top 2 or 3 business review sites from the industry-specific sections below that are relevant to your specific industry.

We’ve tried to make prioritization easy for you.

We listed the business review sites in each section below in order of importance. The #1 site listed in each list gets the most traffic that is likely to convert to sales. The last site in the list gets the least sales-driving traffic.

We recommend you make a “short list” of between 2 to 6 top review sites. We don’t recommend you spend time trying to master more than 6 review sites. In fact, the ideal is probably closer to 3 sites. Quality matters more than quantity.

Great! Now you have your “short list” of the top review sites that could drive sales for your local business.

Now what?

Now it’s time to learn how to truly master your profile on those top review sites to drive new customers to your business.

Let’s cover that next….

How to drive sales from your top-priority business review sites

You’ve picked your top 2 to 6 sites.

Now it’s time to put those sites to work driving new customers to your business.

Here is our 4-step process for mastering your most important review profiles so they drive new sales for your business….

Step 1) Put your best foot forward

Make sure all of your 2 to 6 most important review sites have a complete and attractive profile.

Enter as much information as possible into each profile.

Add as many attractive pictures as possible.

Just make sure your profile markets your business well.

But don’t spend too much time on this. You want to keep going through to Step 4 as soon as possible, since that’s when the magic really starts happening.

Step 2) Focus on one review site at a time

Pick your #1 most important business review site—the one you think could drive the most new customers to your business—and focus on it exclusively.

Ignore all the other sites for now.

Go through Steps 3 and 4 with your #1 review site.

Your goal is to get at least 30 reviews and a minimum star rating of either 4.0 or the same star rating as your best local competitor—whichever is higher.

Don’t stop until you reach your goal.

Once you finally reach your goal for your #1 review site, then—and only then—move on to focusing exclusively on your #2 most important review site.

Reach the same goal again for your #2 site. Then focus on #3… and so on…. until you have at least 30 reviews and a high star rating for all of your top-priority business review sites.

Finally, once all of your top-priority sites are in great shape, then start to alternate between each site regularly so that all of your top-priority sites always have “fresh” reviews.

Why? Why not start alternating between all the top-priority sites right from the start?

Well… you could. But we don’t recommend it.

That’s because it will take you far longer before any one of the top-priority review sites is strong enough to drive new customers to your business.

For example, if you work hard to get 60 new customers reviews spread out across 4 top-priority review sites, then each site would still only have 15 reviews, not the 30 that’s your goal. But if you focus on one review site at a time, then both your #1 site and your #2 site will reach their goal of 30 reviews. So those 2 sites will now be in good shape and winning new customers from your competitors who have weaker profiles on those 2 sites.

Likewise, if you start with a lower star rating, then it will take longer to raise that star rating if you spread your reviews across more than just 1 review site at a time.

So stay focused! Nail your #1 most important review site first. Then take each site one at a time. And only start alternating after you’re beating your local competition on all of your top-priority sites.

Step 3) Pre-screen customers for positive reviews

If you want business review sites to boost your sales, your mission is to get at least a 4.0-star rating on your most important review sites, or to get a rating as high as your best competitor—whichever is highest.

But how can you control your average star rating?


Pre-screen customers before asking for reviews.

First, send an email or text message asking how the customer would rate your business on a 5 star scale. Here’s an example from our web app:

When a customer responds with a rating that’s higher than the review site’s current average star rating, ask the customer if they would kindly share their experience with others on the business review site you’re currently focused on improving.

But when a customer responds with a rating that’s lower than your current average star rating, don’t ask for a review. Spare yourself from lowering your star rating.

More importantly, ask the customer who gives you a below-average rating for feedback.

Specifically, ask what you could do to earn a 5-star rating in the future. This prompts the customer to offer constructive feedback rather than just complaints.

The customer’s feedback could give you some great ideas for how to earn more 5-star reviews from many more customers in the future.

Step 4) Turn up the volume on your review marketing

Once you’re effectively pre-screening customers for positive reviews, it’s time to turn up the volume.

Create a daily or weekly routine to reach out to all new customers with your pre-screening email or text message.

Don’t wait longer than 1 week or you’ll have worse conversion rates. Reach out while a new customer’s emotions about your business are still strong and their memory is still fresh.

Systematize your routine so that you can send pre-screening messages to as many customers as possible.

By “turning up the volume” of pre-screening messages you send, you’ll accelerate how quickly you start getting new reviews.

WARNING: Be careful not to turn up the volume too quickly. Most major review sites will suspect your reviews are fake if they see a sudden spike in new reviews. So if you haven’t had new reviews in a while, gradually turn up the volume until you’re getting about 2 or 3 new reviews per week at most.

If you need help pre-screening lots of customers without spending a lot of your own time, we’ve got you covered. Our online review management tool is designed to make it super easy and save you a lot of time.

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