5 Star Reviews (The Fastest, Easiest, Lowest-Cost Way)

Get more 5 star reviews from happy customers on sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook and others. This article shows you the fastest, easiest and lowest-cost way. 

Small business owners sit in marketing meetings each month and one of the biggest topics of conversations is always about recent customer reviews and how to address them. But more importantly, how to get more 5 star reviews and positive feedback from their happy customers.

Getting 5 star reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp and Facebook is really more cost-effective than most people think. And as everyone knows, positive reviews are the best form of advertising for any business.

Topics covered in this article:

How to get 5 star reviews fast

Five star reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook are essential to all small businesses. The sooner you get a high quantity of 5 star reviews, the sooner these platforms will start driving sales.

The key to getting 5 star reviews fast is to ask as many customers as possible. It’s that simple. It’s a numbers game, and the more people you ask, then the more chances you have to get customers to go online and leave you a review.

For more comprehensive information on Google and Yelp, check out our ultimate guide on how to get Google reviews as well as our article on how to get Yelp reviews.

#1) Engage customers rapidly and appropriately

The best time to reach out to ask for a review is immediately after concluding business with a customer. That’s when their emotions are still strong and their memories still clear.

Asking your customers for reviews is essential, but the way you approach them is even more critical.

It’s best if you don’t ask the customer in person to leave a review. That type of approach makes most people feel uncomfortable—especially if they haven’t had a great experience.

Of course, you want to know when a customer isn’t happy. And there are ways of getting more honest feedback from your customers than asking them directly in person.

Online tools like Rising Star Reviews aid in engaging customers immediately after they have received a product or service from a small business. The faster you engage, the faster you’ll increase your 5 star ranking.

#2) Make pre-screening quick and easy

Pre-Screening is such an important process, but is usually overlooked.

If a customer leaves your place of business unhappy, then you run the risk of a negative review written on one or all review platforms.

It’s important to remember that for every one 1 star review, it takes fifteen 5 star Reviews to bring your average to a 4.75 rating (this will round you back up to a 5 star ranking). So lower those 1 star reviews to get a 5 star ranking faster.

Pre-screen customers to know if they’ll rate your business highly or poorly before you ask for a review.

To make pre-screening quick and easy, the Rising Star Reviews web app helps by automating pre-screening. The web app lets you know privately when a customer isn’t happy. And at the same time, the web app helps you get those that are happy to leave you a quality 5 star review fast.

It’s always important to keep your pre-screening communications to customers simple, clear and compelling, so they understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

Our web app reaches out to the customers with a short email/text template that is simple for the customer to understand. This email/text is designed to pre-screen your customers on how they felt about the product or service that they received while at your place of business.

If the customer clicks a high number of stars, the web app asks them for a review. But if the customer clicks a low number of stars, the web app asks for private feedback instead of a public review.

Either way, you win. Either you get a 5 star review, or you get valuable feedback on how to improve your business and earn more 5 star reviews in the future.

Whether or not you use the Rising Star Reviews web app, be sure to pre-screen customers before asking for a review.

#3) Don’t forget to follow-up

Following up with customers is also a great way to get 5 star Reviews quickly. You can often double the number of reviews you get, simply by sending 2 or 3 follow-up messages after your initial message to any customer who hasn’t responded yet.

Of course, this takes time and effort if you do it manually. But this is where the Rising Star Reviews web app helps again. It automates all follow-up emails so you spend zero time on them.

How to get 5 star reviews easily

Most processes required when owning a small business are difficult and time-consuming, which takes away from your real purpose: sales of products or services.

Getting 5 star reviews on review platforms doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

As we discussed, it does require the business owner to ask as many customers as possible, and to follow up with those who don’t respond… which can get overly complicated and time consuming.

But our web app automates this process for you, and can get you those 5 star reviews easily.

Rising Star Reviews makes getting reviews easy

The easiest way to get 5 star reviews is to use our online review management tool. This application handles every process, including follow-up messages to make sure each and every customer has been contacted for feedback on their experience.

To use the web app, simply enter a customer’s name and contact info, and click “Send.”

It’s that simple. The web app takes care of the rest.

Our web app will send out the initial email/text that pre-screens the customer, provide the customer with the proper links to leave a review, and then continue to follow up with customers who don’t respond.

If you want to send a lot of review requests all at once, the web app also lets you upload a bulk list of customer contact information all at once.

We designed the email and text templates and embedded them into the system, so setup is minimal. However, the app also lets you customize message content and other parts of the customer experience so you can personalize your messages to your customers.

The web app will also provide you with all the private feedback the customer gives, so you can proactively address issues or concerns.

Rising Star Reviews is designed for small businesses

Rising Star Reviews is focused specifically on small business owners, managers and marketers.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) marketing is cost-effective and easy if you use the proper tools that focus on small businesses, offering maximum ease of use on a small business budget.

Rising Star Reviews is designed to be easy to use and remove the need for professional, high cost, marketing copywriters to optimize your message. There are already pre-designed templates in the system, and every step is automated.

This application has an easy to use product interface, and there is no need for complicated bells and whistles to configure the app for your business to get amazing results. Getting 5 star reviews easily is the primary goal of the Rising Star Reviews application.

Marketing is the thorn in the side of most small businesses, and this application has been designed to keep things crazy-easy as well as effortless to use to get great results.

The “easy way” to get 5 star reviews doesn’t mean the “illegal way”

There are a lot of companies out there that claim to get you reviews and even go as far as to suggest you buy 5 star reviews. It’s imperative that you remember, NEVER to BUY REVIEWS.

This business practice is illegal and puts your business in a situation that could get you sued. Make sure when you choose a tool that assists in getting customer reviews that it has a great reputation and is designed with the best interest of your business at heart.

How to get 5 star reviews inexpensively

Small businesses need a way to get 5 star reviews on a small business budget, and we at Rising Star Reviews have designed our web app specifically to be the most affordable solution ever.

For only $20/month (email only) or $30/month (email and SMS texts) per business location, you can get those 5 star reviews fast and easily.

That price includes all automated services within the web app. The app automates the process of initial contact, asking for feedback, sending follow-up messages, and managing opt-outs.

With similar apps from other companies, you can typically expect to pay $100/month or more, and then still need to hire a professional marketer who knows how to use them. Yet the results with the more expensive apps are no better than with Rising Star Reviews, despite their hefty price tags.

If what you have read interests you and you believe that Rising Star reviews can help your business, then click here for a online review management free trial.